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Why is my hair shedding and how can i prevent it?

I'm an african american young woman. I treat my hair every two weeks since i got it cut in Nov 06. I got it cut in a bob just below my ears. What else can i do to get it back healthy and growing?? Please help!!

Why is my hair shedding and how can i prevent it?

I am so sorry to hear about your hair, how awful. You do definitely want to use a thermal protector, as a starting place if you use a blow dryer, straightening iron, or curling iron regularly. You should also consider taking a vitamin that contains the following:

Vitamin B-complex

Other B-vitamins (including folate, biotin and inositol)

Vitamin B-6

Vitamin C with bioflavonoids

Vitamin E


The recommended daily dose of magnesium, sulfur, zinc

Flax seed oil

These vitamins and minerals have been shown vital to keratin protein (you hair metabolism). Without them you hair growth can slow or stop, you can suffer hair loss, or your overall hair health can be compromised. Healthy hair starts from within the body. You should talk to your doctor about starting a vitamin regimen, and he/she can tell you how much your body/hair needs. Take days off with the flat iron too, if at all possible try to create a look with what you have until the nightmare is over. Heating elements are not for everyday use. I would also consider a leave in or wash in straigtener. I have straight hair already, so I don't have one to recommend, but they are out there. Try to make the straightening experience as stress free as possible for your hair. It is possible also to talk to your salon about a semi/permanent straightening once you hair has recovered. I hope this helps!

Definitely talk to your Dr., as it could be a thyroid or hormonal problem instead of vitamin deficiency.

Why is my hair shedding and how can i prevent it?

you might want to switch your shampoo and conditioner during the winter months. shedding is normal, but make sure that you use a a satin scarf/bonnet at night so that you know that your not breaking your hair durning the night. also use light weight grease. it's good stuff! hope all goes well

Why is my hair shedding and how can i prevent it?

Hormones are usually to blame...did you recently have a baby or are you on any medications? If all else fails, ask your doc.

Why is my hair shedding and how can i prevent it?

I just had this problem in a huge way. For me, it was a matter of not having enough protein in my diet, and possibly some stress. I found I was getting more stressed by seeing an extraordinary amount of hair in the brush everyday. Like you, I cut mine in a bob to make it look a bit fuller. I've added considerable healthy protein back in my diet, and have been taking daily does of B-complex vitamins, as suggested by my hairdresser. My hair is growing back now... there is about 1.5 inches of new hair at this point, but at least it's coming back! I think it look like a halo! I hope this helps you. Good luck.

Why is my hair shedding and how can i prevent it?

Your hair is always an insight to your health. You may feel fine, but maybe you aren't taking enough care of yourself. Drink a lot of water, make sure to eat fish, handful of nuts (almonds - not roasted or/and pinenuts), lots of vegetables in the food you cook, yogurt and other naturally good foods. Try taking one-a-day multi-vit supplements. To nurture and keep your hair looking great, use a shampoo that suits you best and washes off easily without remaining in your hair, and of course use a conditioner to keep it soft and manageable. In cold weather, make sure to wear a beanie or a cap or a wrap around your head, whatever you choose. Just as the skin takes a beating in winter when exposed and needs extra care, so does your hair and scalp. In addition to all of this, positively and certainly you require good rest and sleep (the number of hours your body is used to and requires and nothing less).

Take care!

Why is my hair shedding and how can i prevent it?

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