Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Questions on chemotherapy hair texture changes?

I have 3 questions about the chemotherapy-related hair changes. These don't apply to me, but unfortunately it seems I know of more and more folks dealing with this. :(

1. It seems I always hear of straight-haired people having CURLY hair after it grows back. But what about people with curly hair to begin with -- does it sometimes come back straight? Even in people of black/African-American ancestry?

2. How does this happen? Our hair texture is determined by the shape of the follicles. I think it's something like round follicles produce straight hair and square follicles produce curly hair. Anyway, does chemo actually change the genetically-determined SHAPE of our follicles?

3. How often does a person's hair NOT change in texture when it grows back? Does anyone have their hair come in exactly the same as before?

(P.S. I'm not asking about color changes. That makes more sense. I'm just confused about texture). Thanks all! :)

Questions on chemotherapy hair texture changes?

Mine all fell out- I had naturally curly hair before and it came back in the most beautiful ringlet curls- all I have to do is wet it down and it sprials up. Stronger, shinier...

I have no idea why it happens. Chemotherapy is like a very invasive detox / total cleansing. (I always look for the positive).

I don't believe anyone who loses their hair gives a flip about what happens to their hair as long as it grows back and the cancer stays gone. God bless.

Questions on chemotherapy hair texture changes?

My hair never fell out..I kind of wish it did though because chemo changed the condition of my hair. It used to be soft and shiny and now it tends to be brittle. The hair grows differently b/c it is not yet exposed to sun, dye, styling, etc. Just like a child often has different kind of hair then he/she will have decades later.

Questions on chemotherapy hair texture changes?

I had Chemo all my hair fell out. It grew back the same thick and curly actually more healthy looking.

Questions on chemotherapy hair texture changes?

About half of my hair fell out during CMF chemo. While the new hair was a bit wavier at first, it eventually returned to its original shape- but thicker and shinier! Also- chemo also did something to my facial skin that erased, I swear, some wrinkles!!! I actually look younger now than before!!!

However, I wouldn't recommend chemo as a beauty treatment! Lol!

Questions on chemotherapy hair texture changes?

My hair has come back in so incredibly curly, and i was blonde it came back black and gray.....My hair was curly like this when I was a kid.

Questions on chemotherapy hair texture changes?

i can only site you my example: i started chemo with pin straight hair. now, my hair is wavy in some areas on my head and looks crimped in other areas.

chemo therapy is a pumping of poisons into our systems to battle the cancer. fighting a war with a war. so, who knows why it happens? i just know it does.

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