Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Biosilk,CHI silk infusion or REDKEN?

ok so i want to straighten and press my hair but it is african american hair and really nappy and course like i mean rlly

im tired of always going to a salon and paying a lot of money to get it pressed

so i was wondering if after blowdrying or before flat ironing it what products i should use that would be best for my hair

ive heard CHI silk infusion, and BioSilk and Redken Smooth DOwn are good products for straighter results

but tehre are soo many choice

please tell mw what you think!


Biosilk,CHI silk infusion or REDKEN?

I had a biosilk and a chi.. and

i would have to say that ..

well.. i mean u have ur advantages and disadvantages with both..

the chi is awesome.. and does the job real well.. but its not as strong as the biosilk..

the biosilk however is so strong that if ur not careful it can leaver pieces of ur hair permanently straight.. and since it heats a whole lot.. and fast.. u have to be careful that u dont leave it on ur hair for too long.. cuz it can burn it easily.. as for the chi it doesnt do that.

Biosilk,CHI silk infusion or REDKEN?

I have used BioSilk and I love it.My hair is very dry and all I need is a little bit.Like a pea size.It makes hair smooth and gets rid of frizzys.The CHI straightner is the best one out there from what I hear(I personaly dont own it)but im sure the CHI silk infusion probably works awesome.

I would try Biosilk.Good luck =)

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